How To Create a Massive Passive Income - The Interview


John Cash


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A recorded Interview with John Duncan - the questions that many people are asking! (Broken down into bite size chunks)

This is off the cuff - not edited, so it's warts 'n all........



Course content

  • Q1 Explain 'bitcoin' in a language we can all understand

  • Q2 Explain 'blockchain'

  • Q3 Is my bitcoin wallet really private?

  • Q4 Hackers and Fraudsters

  • Q5 How to actually pay someone with bitcoin

  • Q6 We take that a little further....

  • Q7 So how are bitcoins made?

  • Q8 Where is bitclub HQ?

  • Q9 Cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies?

  • Q10 Can we simply buy bitcoin and let the price rise, like gold, shares etc?

  • Q11 Is it legal and above board?

  • Q12 Do I have to recruit other people?

  • Q13 Is this for the UK only?

  • Q14 Expand on the benefits of joining bitclub

  • Q15 Do people need bank accounts etc. to do bitclub?

  • Q16 What if bitclub goes bust?

  • Q17 Is it easy to get my money out of bitclub/bitcoin?

  • Q 18 So how much have you earned from this?

  • Q19 How to get it all going

  • Q20 Benefits of network placement

  • Q21 Bitcoin transaction fees

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