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How to Break a Bad Habit


Course Objective:

  1. You will choose a habit you’d like to break. You will get clarity on how that habit is a part of your life --- what triggers it, what comprises it, and how it makes you feel.

  2. You will follow through with the lessons and homework.

  3. Within five days, you will notice a massive reduction in that habit.

  4. Lastly, you will have the tools and knowhow to follow through and break the bad habit permanently


Monday 8/10



On Monday, you’ll learn a scientific approach to identifying your habit. We’ll break down your habit into composite parts, to show you when, why, and how you apply your habit.


We’ll introduce you to the concept of aversion training, which is the most effective way to break a bad habit.


You’ll go through your first aversion training session.


Tuesday 8/11

Awareness and Results


On Tuesday, you’ll be asked about how often you do your habit. If you’ve completed your first aversion session, you’ll notice a marked increase in the awareness of your habit.


We’ll introduce you to the stories of past-users who have quit their bad habits in five days. You’ll hear their stories.


You’ll conduct your third aversion session.


Wednesday 8/12

The Science


On Wednesday, we’ll show you some of the scientific research behind aversive conditioning, habit psychology, and more. We’ll introduce you to several studies and research behind habits.


Thursday 8/13

Keep Pushing


Many people will think that their habit is under control on day three. On Thursday, we’ll make sure you don’t give up before you’re ready. You’ll learn how to go from a reduction in your habit, to complete cessation.


Friday 8/14

You’ve Made It! Next Steps


Congrats! You’ve made it to the final day. We’ll be celebrating on day 5, and closing the loops on what you’ve learned so far.


We’ll be holding a live webinar to take you through the final steps, and announce the winner of the Hawaii trip! And more…

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