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We will be covering the following:

Exploring the History and Organization of FFA

Discovering Opportunities in the FFA

Determining FFA Degrees, Awards, and CDEs

Understanding FFA Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Determining the Benefits of an SAE

Determining the Kinds of SAE

Planning Your SAE Program

Researching Possible SAE Programs

Implementing SAE Programs

Understanding Horticulture

Exploring Career Opportunities in Horticulture

Identify and properly use tools and equipment utilized in the horticulture industry

Classify ornamental plants     

Understanding leaf anatomy and morphology

Understanding stem anatomy   

Propagating plants by cuttings        

Propagating plants by division, separation and layering 

Propagating plants by grafting and budding

Propagating plants by tissue culture  

Properties of growing media        

Growing media components       

Providing nutrients for a horticulture crop

Determining the Kinds of Pesticides

Using Pesticides Safely

Interpreting Pesticide Labels

Applying Pesticides

Managing Environmental Impact of Pesticides

Identifying and Managing Plant Pests in the Greenhouse

Identifying and Managing Plant Pests in the Landscape


Understanding root anatomy   

Understanding flower anatomy        

Understanding plant physiology       

Understanding light, temperature, air and water effects on plant growth   

Understanding plant growth regulators  

Understanding sexual reproduction

Propagating plants sexually         

Understanding Soil Texture and Structure

Explaining a Soil Profile

Understanding Moisture Holding Capacity

Understanding Soil Degradation

Understanding Soil Erosion and Management Practices

Understanding Integrated Pest Management



All assignments count the same. 

10 point grading scale.

Course content

  • SAE Record Books

  • APA citing websites

  • APA template

  • APA copy and paste citing

  • Email your paper to:

  • Fall Paper Grading

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