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This course is designed for Global Leaders who want to make impact in the lives of others through mentoring. This course will equip you with skills of how to be an effective mentor. This course contains resources that will give you the basics of mentorship what it is and how to conduct it. Throughout the course you will also be able to network with other mentors, share ideas and insights.


Containing text based resources as well as video lectures, the course is divided into 7 thematic area as follows:

1. Introduction to the HLF Global Leaders Mentorship Program

This is the introduction to the mentorship programme, in this module you will have the opportunity to meet the team members as well as other course participants. you will also get to understand the model of the mentorship program and its importance.

2. The Role of Youth Mentors

In this module you will learn on what the actual role of a mentor is. You will get insights on how to become an effective mentor.

3. Building and Mantaining Healthy mentor-Mentee Relationships

In this module you will on how to build and mantain a relationship with your mentee. 

4. Goal setting in mentorship

In this module you will learn on goal setting and  its importance in a mentorship relationship. You will also learn how to clarify Goals and develop objectives for your mentorship programme

5. Mentorship Policies

In this module you will learn on the policies that will guide the mentorship programme

6. Stakeholder Engagement

This module will equip you with skills that you may use to engage stakeholders that who will be engaged in the mentorship programme including parents/guardians, contact, teachers and other stakeholders

7. Mentorship Closure

In this section you will learn how to effectively close a mentorship relationship


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