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Children's Librarian Associate, Lexington Homeschool Co-op Teacher, OG Tutor

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Melissa Ellington
Melissa Ellington
Melissa Ellington
A well-planned and engaging course! My seven-year-old daughter truly loves the course topics and activities. I highly recommend this experience!


This course will provide an overview of the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. This course is suggested for elementary students and/or middle school students. Students will take part in activities that will enhance their understanding of Ancient Civilizations including the Egyptian and Greek civilizations and their contributions to the modern world. The needed resources will be listed for each task. Parents are responsible for monitoring their student's work and grading assignments.

This class is easily adapted to different ages and abilities as multiple resources are listed for each week. You and your student will choose the materials that are appropriate for their age and stage. 

Almost all of the materials needed are available for check out at the Richland Library. There will be a few resources listed that are not library resources. You can easily take this course without purchasing materials and using your library card. 

This is a one semester class. 

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