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EGIAC - Exceeding Grace Int'l Aviation College

Exceeding Grace International Aviation College (EGIAC) is an International aviation training organization nationally and internationally accredited and located in the serenity of the south western suburb of the Oyo Town in Oyo State, South Western Nigeria. E.G.I.A.C is a new revolutionary aviation training college in Nigeria and on the African continent. We have successfully re-defined aviation training in Nigeria and Africa as a whole with a model of learning that incorporates the digital education into aviation training. Our teaching experience, industry credentials and professional reputation have been built up over the past years of aviation excellence and we appreciate how important our heritage is to your future.


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This Online Course will avail you the opportunity to demystify the mystery you have wondered so much about concerning the scientific miracle of the Aviation Industry.



Some of the critical topics which shall examine in this course are:

  1. The Story Behind The First Powered Controlled Flight .

  2. The Two Historical Events That Enhanced The Development Of Civil Aviation.

  3. The 3 Critical Elements That Led To The Birth Of the Airline Industry...


... and many more.


Course content

  • Why We Invited You For This Course

  • Who We Are? Exceeding Grace International Aviation College-EGIAC

  • Introduce Yourself

  • Lesson 1 - History Of Flight - Part 1

  • Lesson 2 - Aviation & World War I

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