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Introduction:  The goal is to hire and keep the best people


The most important aspect when looking to hire someone is to have the mindset to hire and retain the best and right person for the job.  Try to recruit people who will thrive under your management approach.  In most cases you will inherit your staff and department, which is obviously out of your control.  So when it comes to hiring someone new, you get a chance to make a fresh start and hire nothing but the best.  And, once you hire the right person, you do not want them to leave.  Nothing is worse than hiring someone, provide training, and as soon as you feel comfortable about the person, they leave.  This is why you need to determine up front if the person you hire is going to be around for the long run.  The ability to spot the perfect candidate is a necessary skill in management, and it is easy to learn.


Be patient when you are hiring, and whatever you do, don’t just hire for hiring’s sake.  You might get lucky and find someone right away, or interview 20 to 30 people before you find the right candidate.  You will have to live with the people you pick, so it is imperative that you make the right choice.  Once you hire a problem employee, you will have a lot of work and stress ahead of you.  It is also a morale killer when you bring in a bad apple, and it makes you look bad as far as judgment goes.  Hopefully, you will work, or currently are working for a reputable company that pays well.  People are drawn to the better companies and you will most likely get more applicants.  If not, you might need to look into other ways to get the message out to the public.  Some advertising ideas will be discussed later in this lesson.


Once the individual is hired, you will need to set clear expectations, evaluate the person’s performance, and compensate and reward when the goals and objections are met, as described in lesson 3.  It is up to you to hire the best people and keep them happy.  This lesson will show you valuable information and ideas to use during the interview and hiring stage.  There will also be some ideas and ways keep them in your company for a long time.

Course content

  • Do you need hire someone?

  • Creating the right job description

  • How to find the right person

  • What to look for in an interviewee

  • Questions to ask during the interview

  • Questions not to ask

  • Checking references of candidates

  • How much should you pay

  • Making the final offer

  • Employee on boarding & orientation process

  • Employee retention

  • Short Story

  • Presentation

  • Quiz

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