High School Speech and Communication


Sandra Anderson

I taught Spanish for 20 years before I finally realized my dream of becoming a missionary to Mexico. I now live in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco with my husband and 3 children. I have taught in Public, Parochial and Private schools as well as a Homeschooling Cooperative. Teaching is a joy to me!


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"Take advantage

of every opportunity to practice your communication skills

so that when important occasions arise,

you will have the gift,

the style,

the sharpness,

the clarity,

and the emotions

to affect other people."

When an important occasion arises, will you be able to communicate effectively? An opportunity to witness, a job interview, an impromptu meeting...all require effective communication. How well are you prepared? This class will teach you how to express yourself and your thoughts and give you practice doing it. (As a side benefit, it fulfills many English/Communication/Elective credits for your high school diploma.)

Just what will you be required to do? I'm glad you asked!

Here's the list of required speeches. The first semester will focus on traditional speech forms:

the Introductory Speech,

the Demonstration Speech,

the impromptu Speech,

the Sales Speech,

the Campaign Speech,

the Informative Speech

and the Persuasive Speech.

Second semester will focus on other forms of verbal communication:

Oral Interpretation (of the Bible, Kiddie Lit, Prose and Poetry).

We will also study large group communication: Parliamentary Procedure and Large Group Discussion.

Students will be expected to complete all speeches, help others learn and grow and improve, and HAVE FUN!

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