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David McGonagall
Lovely lesson Tom! Can't wait till the next ones out. :D



Rules Rules and Rules!

  1. Don’t ever touch anything in the Greenhouse without my permission. (I had a student go to the Hospital Wing for 4 weeks when he touched something)

  2. No Food or Drink in the Greenhouses

  3. Always wear protective equipment (we will learn about this equipment later in the lesson)

  4. No talking when I am talking


Grading Rubric

20%- Grammer and Spelling (If English is your second language or if you have a learning disability please but either NES or LD at the top of your assignment)

15%- Word Requirement-

5%- Identifying Marks- Please do not put any identifying marks such as your name or location anywhere on your assignment.

60%- Meeting the Requirements- Meet's requirements of essay.


Lesson Plan: (SA= Special Assignment)

•Lesson 1: Intro to the Green World of Wizardry! Assignment: Essay 

•Lesson 2: Growing Factors and Soil pH Assignment: Quiz 

•Lesson 3: Herbs, Bushes, Trees, Oh my! Assignment: Essay and Quiz 

•Lesson 4: Puffapods and Dried Nettles Assignment: SA and Quiz 

•Lesson 5:Famous Herbologists (Midterm) 

•Lesson 6: Healing and Zzzzzz… (Sedative Plants & Healing Herbs ) Assignment: Quiz 

•Lesson 7: Danger! Danger! (Guest Speaker and Bouncing Bulbs, Spiky Bushes, and the theory of Venomous Tentacula) Assignment: Essay 

•Lesson 8: Lily, Peppermint, and English Rose (Mundane Plants) Assignment: Quiz and SA

•Lesson 9: ‘Till We Meet Again! Assignment: Finals and Lesson 4 SAs due

    Course content

    • Lesson Uno: Into the Green World of Wizardry

    • Lesson Dos: Growing Factors and Soil Ph

    • Lesson Drei: Herbs, Bushes, and Fungi, Oh My!

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