HCSL Standard Health, Safety and Environmental Orientation


Daniel Oliveira

Health & Safety Manager

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Daniel Oliveira
Daniel Oliveira


Welcome to the HCSL Standard Health, Safety and Environmental Orientation. The first program in our 3-part online orientation series.


At Hawkins Contracting Services Ltd your health and safety, along with the condition of our work environments, is our priority. Through this learning centre we can provide you with much of the knowledge you need to make each and every work day a safe, positive, and conscientious experience.


You've been assigned multiple training courses. These courses are the foundation on which we maintain superior workplaces. All the individual courses are found under the "Overview" header, to your left. It is best if they are completed in the order that they appear.

Completing a course consists of 2 parts:

1. Click and open the course, then view the video presentation.

2. Click on the "Tasks" tab (located above, between "Content" and "Discussions") and select the corresponding test. Complete it, then submit it. 


Having the right information to do your job safely and responsibly is what this is all about. Take the time to absorb the content and make those tests look easy!


Throughout this learning experience, have a look in the "Discussion" tab. Join a conversation; start a conversation; have your say. If you have some questions, concerns or suggestions regarding your training, this is the place for that.


Now that you're all up to speed, go on, start learning!


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