Vanessa Plaza

Student at Philippine Normal University

Here are a few things about me: Currently, a third-year student in Philippine Normal Unversity. A passer of DOST-SEI Scholarship, R.A 7687 StuDYING Bachelor of Science in Physics for Teachers.


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I. This online class is called Heat and Thermodynamics wherein this online course will be discussing topics about:

   1.) Temperature and Thermal Equilibrium

        1.1 Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

        1.2 Thermometer and Temperature Scales

   2.) Thermal Expansion

        2.1 Linear Expansion

        2.2 Area Expansion

        2.3 Volume Expansion

   3.) Thermal Expansion of Water

   4.) Heat

        4.1 Specific Heat

        4.2 Molar Heat Capacity

   5.) Calorimeter

        5.1 Phase Changes

        5.2 Latent Heat

   6.) Mechanism of Heat Transfer

        6.1 Conduction

        6.2 Convection

        6.3 Radiation

        6.4 Applications

II. There will be an asynchronous and synchronous activity within this classroom.

III. Submission of the different task will be passed either before the or on the deadline. Late submissions will not be rated,

IV. There will be also a certificate that will be granted after finishing this course.

V. If there are any questions about the course feel free to message me in my Facebook account: Vanessa O. Plaza or in text me in my number: 09398432986. 

VI. The grades will be posted in this classroom.

VII. If you have any ideas or suggestion or any information to share about the topic in our lesson feel free to share it here but you must get my permission first just to be safe.

VIII. The format when passing any kind of paper works is the following: (a) Font Style: Palatino/Palatino Linotype (b) Font Size: 12 (c) Spacing: 1.5 (d) Margin: 1x1 and (e) Justified

IX. Always follow the instructions in every given task.

X. Lastly, enjoy and have fun in our course.


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