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3 Week Post-Workshop Course Work:  Tuesday, April 7 – Monday, April 27, 2015 (full participation in 8 hours of online course work REQUIRED to receive 1 graduate credit hour)


             ONLINE COURSE WORK:


            There will be two sections of online course work to be completed at students’ own convenience between April 7

and April 27.


Online Course Work Section 1:


  • You will be developing a teaching unit containing five activities from project guides you received during the face-to-face workshop.  For your teaching unit you may choose to create five individual lesson plans, one for each of your activities, or you may create one overall lesson plan that incorporates all five activities.
  • For your teaching unit you may use your existing lesson/program plan template or the 5 E Lesson Planning Worksheet (posted in the resources section).
  • Develop your teaching unit integrating environmental and conservation education, and other workshop ideas into your professional work.  Include a statement of goals and objectives for teaching environmental and conservation education in your classroom. Include at least 5 activities from any of the following two activity guides Project Learning Tree and Project WILD (citing sources for each activity), with discussion on how these activities will be used in your classroom/program.  Include opportunities for integration across the curriculum and using the out of doors as a classroom whenever possible.  If applicable to your curriculum planning:  Include correlations to state core curricular standards in Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies; Describe assessment that is compatible with the problem solving, critical thinking approaches used in the unit; and Cite additional sources of information, resources, and literature that could be incorporated into the unit.
  • Upload the teaching unit (in a Microsoft Word or PDF document format) into the tasks section of the online course and share with the other course participants a brief description of why you chose the five activities that you did.  Also email your teaching unit (in a Microsoft Word or PDF document format) directly to Ashlyn Kite-Hartwich at
  • If Feasible:  Use the teaching unit in your classroom/program and share on the online course about how it went, student participation, and post any pictures or student worksheets.


Online Course Work Section 2:


  • For the second section of the course work you will be able to choose between two assignment options.  PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE ONE OPTION, YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE BOTH.

  • Assignment Option 1:  You may choose to complete another teaching unit containing five more/different activities.  If you choose to create another teaching unit you will follow the same steps as you did in section 1.


  • Assignment Option 2:  You may choose to complete a self-directed leadership development project. 
    • For this assignment option you would:
      1. Complete a project proposal for review
      2. Submit the proposal for project approval by April 17.  To submit the proposal - email it (in a Microsoft Word or PDF document format) directly to Ashlyn Kite-Hartwich at
      3. Complete/start the project and turn in a final project impact report by April 27 to include impacts of the project to date and anticipated next steps.  To turn in the final project impact report  - upload it (in a Microsoft Word or PDF document format) in the tasks section of the online course and email it directly to Ashlyn Kite-Hartwich at 
        • Possible project topics could include but are not limited to:  becoming a Kansas Green School and establishing a green team, becoming a Kansas Green School partner, becoming a Kansas Green School mentor, expanding or increasing your school's green school work, projects, or participation, creating more cross-curricular learning opportunities within your green school projects or your environmental education projects, partnering your green school with another school within the district or outside of the district, etc.

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