Masa Welch

Learning Coach

The course will be thought by Masa Welch who, over the last seventeen years has have been working with students with various backgrounds, learning abilities and academic, social and emotional needs. She earned BS in Biology at Eastern Kentucky University, and master’s degree in science education at the University of Kentucky. She worked in the Molecular Neuroscience and Vascular Biology Laboratory at the University of Kentucky, where she mentored undergraduate students and technicians and conducted science research on human health, nutrition and environmental issues related to hazardous substances. She has taught science and math courses on elementary, middle and high school level as well as college level. She is a certified educator and training facilitator in multiple Environmental Education projects including Project Wild, Flying Wild, Project Wet, Project Underground, Leopold Education and Learning Tree. Masa is also a mindfulness and meditation practitioner and advocate.


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This high school Health course provides students with an opportunity to integrate a variety of health concepts, skills and behaviors to plan for their personal health goals. These include prevention of disease and chemical addiction for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Students will demonstrate comprehensive health knowledge and skills. Their behaviors reflect a conceptual understanding of the issues associated with maintaining good personal health. Students will learn about role in creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves as individuals, for their families and for the larger community. Students will also demonstrate competency in a variety of lifetime physical activities and plan, implement, self-assess and modify a personal fitness plan.

The concepts reflected in the course content are:

  1. Personal and Physical Health 
  2. Lifelong Wellness
  3. Family and Community Health
  4. Nutrition 
  5. Fitness
  6. Safety
  7. Disease Prevention
  8. Social, Mental and Emotional Health 

Course content

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