Twelve key ideas from Human Being Theory (HBT)


Jacob Feldman


Born in 1957, Odessa, USSR. Live in Saint-Petersburg since 2007. Background includes Applied Math and Computer Science Graduated in Moscow State University in 1978


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When I was a child parents taught me how to count.

They did not say me "what is a number".

They did not explain me "what profit I would gain from knowing numbers".

They just taught me to count things.


We live under ocean of facts. Concepts are the only tools to deal with facts.

But list of powerful concepts is short (one hundred?).

And in every current moment the list of person who can add something new into the list is even shorter (a dozen?)

So some new and powerful ideas for your attention.


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Course content


  • 1.Levels

  • 2.Encoding

  • 3.Warming Up

  • 4.Cards


  • 5. 3D-Education

  • 6.Love and Marriage

  • 7.Child Development


  • 8.HBT areas and how they are interconnected

  • 9.Where philosophy comes from

  • 10.Multiversum

  • 11.Knowledge and Truth

  • 12.Mind Mobility

  • Epilogue

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