Hazard Communication - You Have a Right-To-Know!


Tishura Dalrymple

Executive Director

Tishura Dalrymple is the Executive Director of Safe Place USA responsible for overseeing health and safety related training for all clients in the greater New York area. She has held that position for the past ten years and offers programs in such areas as Hazard Communication/Right-To-Know; Bloodborne Pathogens; Laboratory Safety; and numerous other OSHA related issues. She has received certifications as a an Asbestos Inspector/Management Planner, Lead Renovator, and Mold Assessor. Ms. Dalrymple is also recognized as a specialist in emergency planning and response with a focus on the public school setting. Ms. Dalrymple obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and graduated from New York Medical College with a Masters Degree in Public Health.


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The Federal Hazard Communication Standard and the New York State Right-To-Know Laws were created to guarantee employees access to information and training about hazardous substances that they may be exposed to in the workplace and how to protect themselves from these hazards. Employers also benefit from these laws because providing proper job training and information about chemical use reduces job-related health risks and injuries. The video below from the U.S. Department of Labor gives a 5 minute overview of recent changes to the law.



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