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It was a lot information but just well in depth with everything in the lesson


This course is the online portion of the New Lifeguard Training course offered at Hap Parker Family Aquatic Center.  Completion of this online portion is a requirement for certification.  In this course there will be lots of videos instructing and demonstrating what is expected when being a lifeguard.  Skills will then be practiced and tested in person during the actual days of training.

Reading Material:

It is suggested that each student downloads this Lifeguarding Manual and use it as a guide through this course.  Each lesson has the chapter labeled. 



After each lesson, students will be asked to submit a summary of the key point that were discussed in the videos/presentation.  These can be submitted in an outline, bulleted, or paragraph form.  A grade will be given based on display of understanding what was presented in each topic.  If a grade that is lower than an 80%, then the student has not passed and should review the topic again with the feedback from the instructor.



Two test will be given and made visible after the last day of in water training. Students will have an unlimited time frame to complete these tests, however their certification and opportunity to work once the pool is open will not be granted.  The student will have 3 times to pass these tests.  A score of 80% is needed to pass.  If the score is not met after the 3 attempts then the student will be contacted by the instructor for an in-person written test.

For further questions or concerns contact the lead instructor.

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