Alexey Konanykhin

Math Teacher

I like math, because I think the complexity is what makes life so interesting.

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    This course is designed to provide Mathematical Olympiad training for students of years 9 and 11 (British curriculum). Topics covered include General Logic, General and Evaluative Combinatorics, Geometry, Numbers Theory, Algebra and Basics of Calculus.

    Mathematical Olympiad training programme exposes students to a wide problem-solving practice, developing their ability to think out of the box and find alternative ways. For better or worse, much of life is competition and participation in math Olympiads would allow students to improve confidence and determination, as well as add up to their CVs to be widely recognised as problem-solvers.

    In the social perspective participation in Math Competitions provides an opportunity to be part of math lovers' community and experience intellectual friendship.

Course content

  • A. Logical problems

  • A1. True/False statements. Knaves and knights

  • A2. Knights, knaves and normals

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