Hackathon Against Gender Based Violence


Lisha Sterling

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This course, which starts 20 November 2015, is the prerequisite to join the live Hackathon Against Gender Based Violence event in Ranchi, India 24-16 January 2016. There will be links to podcasts and readings, live webinars, and the chance to get into discussions and share your ideas and work with the community.

We will cover topics around the meaning of Gender Based Violence, Gender Equality, and whether or how technology might help. We will also have a unit on humanitarian open source technology development in which we'll discuss what Open Source is, why it is important for projects like this, how you can make a living with true open source technology. 

During this course we'll talk about the importance of community and collaboration for social causes like preventing Gender Based Violence and also for developing technology, but more important, we hope to build a community that will last well beyond this course and hackathon. Please DO NOT be afraid to share your ideas, your designs or your code, and please DO give constructive feedback on the work of others. 


Part of the judging for this event will have to do with how well you collaborate with others, so keeping your project secret will not be of benefit.  More info on this as the program moves forward.

We are all here to learn from each other, from trial and error, and from the experts who have kindly shared their time with us so that we can build a better world together. 

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