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Johanna Miettunen



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Idea of Project - The Library of the Future

"Dear Marja and Johanna,

Some time ago we talked about how to make the library a place where students spend more time. I mentioned that Service Design and Experience Economy thinking could help with news approaches to library services.

Yesterday, it come to my mind, why not go bolder and ask for funding for a Project titled, The Library of the Future.

We already have some experience in such projects, e.g. Future Hotel Room, Future Conference Room, InnoCatering, etc.

In January, Teemu, Vesa, and I will have a Services Design course, and maybe this could be one of the projects, or even better we would co-create it will all HAAGA students and staff. It would be an open process for everyone.

It just an idea, think about... if not yet, maybe in the future...

Regards/Terveisin/Hälsningar, Mário Passos"


Taustaa - Case briefing: Case Haagan kirjasto.docx

Tämä ympäristö: Kerätään tänne projektin aikana syntyviä dokumentteja: tekstiä, kuvia, muistiinpanoja ym.

Toiminnot: Tehtävät, Keskustelut, Lähdekirjallisuuden koonti

Deadline: 13.5.2013, aineistot Moodlessa

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