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Welcome to Traders Insurance Company! This is part of your training development of Group 1 tasks that must be completed before taking phone calls in the Payment Queue. The course consists of 10 modules containing information on reviewing new business documents, reviewing documents to accept or deny discounts, underwriting Group 1 suspense, phone scripts, billing, collections and sending emails.

This course MUST be completed and passed prior to taking phone calls in the Payment Queue.

Training development is a process and here at Traders Insurance, we understand that learning to underwrite effectively and understand the system and processes can take time. Traders has reserved this spot specifically for you, so please keep track of your own progress with your Training and Suspense Tracker.


How to Use This Course

Use the menu on the left to navigate different topics in the Group 1 Tasks of Underwriting. Quizzes are available for each topic to test your knowledge. 


Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of this course and passing the quizzes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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