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I am a Half-Blood witch who loves writing. I am in the house Ravenclaw, so I'm in the library a lot writing books or reading. I am also in the house Komalia (HoH), on the website I thought up the idea, my friend Carmy creates a website and at the Christmas Ball the club crashed on HiH, so we went through many online clubs we had to make. Then Carmy reminded me of the website she made, and my two other friends Annabeth Chase (a nickname, long story) and Emily World. We are creating courses and we are now launching. Now back to me! In stubborn as hell, as my friends say. I'm queer (odd), and I take the lead in most of the things. I'm also fierce, as I don't give up, and I like to get my way. :) That's it, any questions I'll be here on:


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Week One- The Creation

Week Two- The Myth of Tantalus

Week Three- The Myth of Pygmalion and Galatea

Week Four- The Myth of Hades and Persephone

Week Five- The Myth of Aphrodite and Adonis

Week Six- The Myth of Sisyphus

Week Seven- Odysseus and the Cyclopes

Week Eight- Review

Week Nine- Finals



1. Please pay attention, I can only help you if you help yourself.

2. Please try your best, I expect all of you to get good grades if you apply yourself.

3. Take this course seriously, you will never know if you will need to use it in that future.

4. Do NOT PLAGIARIZE! This is the most important rule!


Rubric for Essays:

Main Idea-35%

Conventions- 20%

Effort- 15%

Word Requirment- 15%

Organization- 10%

Word Choice- 5%

Course content

  • Lesson 1- The Creation

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