Edmund Fields

Edmund Fields

Hi my name is Edmund Fields I am 18 years old and I am teacher Greek Mythology at Camp Halfblood United. I am a son of Apollo and inherited his talents for music and archery. I am a big nerd too and I love books, science and computers.


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Important! If English is not your first language, please put "NES" in your profile and at the top of your assignments. If you have any kind of learning disability, please put "LD". Your grades will be altered accordingly.


Welcome to Greek Mythology!

Hello demigods, I am Edmund Fields and I am your Greek Mythology teacher. This is the lesson plan for this year:

Lesson 1 Short introduction and explaining the need of knowing the myths.
Lesson 2 Creation of the universe
Lesson 3 Pre-Olympian era and Titan war
Lesson 4 The titan war
Lesson 5 Zeus vs a headache
Lesson 6 Zeus and Leto
Lesson 7 Zeus and Dione
Lesson 8 Zeus and Hera
Lesson 9 Year overview


If you tell Zeus I taught you any of this, he will most certainly blow me into a million pieces (lessons 6 & 7 are about Zeus' affairs), so please shut up about it. The lessons after lesson 4 are about the Olympian gods' origin stories.

In this classroom there are a few rules:

  1. Pay attention
  2. Take notes
  3. Be respectful to everyone
  4. You may not skip any assignments unless it is explicitly said in the lesson or task

The lesson consists of two parts:

  1. A myth
  2. Information on some of the monsters from the myth

Every lesson will consist of two tasks:

  1. A quiz
  2. A summary assignment

I you ever need help you can always e-mail me at or just send a message through my page on Camp Half-Blood United!


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Course content

  • Introduction lesson

  • Creation of the universe

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