Emerson Rose Kail


Hello everyone! I am Professor Kail, although I would be happy if you called me Professor Rose. In Half-Blood United, I am an admin, a professor, the head of the Hunters of Artemis, and the cabin leader! In Hogwarts Rises, I am the Potions Mistress.

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David McGonagall


This is one of the required courses that demigods must take at Half-Blood United, a Percy Jackson fan-made site where everyone takes classes and does activities as if they were at Camp Half-Blood. 

In this specific class, we will be looking and analyzing all of the major and minor Greek Gods, along with going on field trips to their temples. Every lesson, we will be studying one god or goddess at a very detailed level, along with having fun assignments and projects having to do with each one. Hold on tight for this very fun year! 


Lesson 1: Welcome to Greek Gods and Goddesses

Lesson 2: The God With the Bolt

Lesson 3: The God With the Sea

Lesson 4: The God With the Skull

Lesson 5: The Goddess With the Heart  

Lesson 6: The Goddess With the Brain 

Lesson 7: The Goddess With the Peacock 

Lesson 8: The God With the Wings

Lesson 9: The Students With the Final 

Course content

  • Lesson 1 ~ Welcome to Greek Gods & Goddesses

  • Lesson 2 ~ The God With the Bolt

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