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Ioanna Lekkakou

Greek on line

-BA in Teaching, MA in Teaching Language and PhD in Pedagogics/Theatre for children- National University of Athens, Greece -"Stanford World Language Teaching Program" Diploma, Stanford University USA -15 years of teaching experience in all levels of education K-16 -Instructional Coordinator for Greek Language Schools in USA -Immersion Greek Language Program Designer and Coordinator -Member of the US Task Force Committee who created the Greek Language Standards under the auspices of ACTFL (American Council on Teaching of Foreign Language), 2010-2013

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Pete Bozionelos


This class addresses the needs of teenagers heritage learners. It is based on US National Standards and European framework for foreign languages. Its aim is to develop a self-driven learner who is inspired by Greek culture and language. Interactive teaching and learning via technology for better use of authentic resources.

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