Greek as a second language for children


Ioanna Lekkakou

Greek on line

-BA in Teaching, MA in Teaching Language and PhD in Pedagogics/Theatre for children- National University of Athens, Greece -"Stanford World Language Teaching Program" Diploma, Stanford University USA -15 years of teaching experience in all levels of education K-16 -Instructional Coordinator for Greek Language Schools in USA -Immersion Greek Language Program Designer and Coordinator -Member of the US Task Force Committee who created the Greek Language Standards under the auspices of ACTFL (American Council on Teaching of Foreign Language), 2010-2013


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Engage young learners into fun activities using technology and their own creativity. Working on all four skills: writing, reading, listening, speaking. Building self-confidence in Greek as as second language. 

Learning a second language is like swimming in a beautiful sea! It is safe although you don't stop discovering new things, it is exciting because you start swimming by yourself, and also it is fun to be able to play with water, be creative and experience the feeling of freedom that the (Greek) sea offers you. Join us to this adventure!  

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