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In this course, you will be learning about grainery hazards related to entrance into grainery bins.  The learning objective of this course is: Given a hazardous work condition or potential hazardous situation, the trainee will be able to identify the hazard and proper course of action.  This is a self-paced course where the user can take as much time as needed.

Course Outline (Framework for Training):

Previous Experience:  Your first activity will be to read this article  In a forum discussion post reflect on what this article means to you and discuss why grainery bin safety is important.  The forum discussion board can be found by clicking the tab labeled "Discussions" at the top of the page. 

New Information:  Please click the link on the left column titled "Grainery Hazard Training Part One".  In this section, you will read a powerpoint with information obtained directly from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Information) about hazards facing workers when entering grainery bins.  Estimated time of training: 20 minutes.

Next click the link on the  left column title "Grainery Hazard Training Part Two".  In this section, you will watch a video which highlights Grain Bin Safety in the workplace and provides you with real world examples.  The video was created by the Oklahoma State University Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.  Estimated time of training: 9 minutes.

Guide:  After completing both trainings, you will complete two quizzes based on the material learned to reinforce your understanding.  Please click the tab labeled "Tasks" at the top of the page.  You will find two quizzes, one related to the PowerPoint training and the other related to the video training.These quizzes are not timed.

Practice: Next click the link on the left column  labeled "Practice Flash Card Activity".  Read and review each flash card for practice.  Flash cards will be definition based and also present scenarios and the appropriate response.  This is not a graded activity.

Assessment: Trainees must score 100% on both quizzes to pass the training.  In addition, users must complete the activity related to the prior experience forum post.

Transfer Activity:  Once you have successfully completed the training activities, go back to the forum discussion board to reflect on what you have learned.  In this forum discussion post, you will do research on your own to learn more about grainery hazards and the problems that have occurred in this field.  Post the link to an article (News article, research article, press release) related to grainery bin hazards to the forum discussion board.  Briefly summarize the article in this post , reflect on what the article means to you and relate the article to the training in this course.  Comment on at least 2 posts from classmates.

Note:  This online training is met for those who are fluent in English.  Most grainery bin safety training is better suited for one on one training especially for non-native speakers.

Course content

  • Grainery Hazard Training Part One

  • Grainery Hazard Training Part Two

  • Practice Flash Card Activity

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