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 Welcome to the virtual advising platform for the Graduate Study Program 2015/16 for Belarusians!


The program focuses on providing students with an opportunity to fully prepare for 2017 admissions to graduate programs in the U.S. Participation is free of charge.

The timeline of a project is divided to three major parts.


  1. October 30 – 31, 2015: Workshops and visit to EducationUSA fair (Kyiv, Ukraine) 

On October participants will attend an introductory lecture in Minsk where they will get introduced to the U.S. education system, specifically graduate studies. In the evening of October 30 students with the coordinator will depart to Kyiv for an EducationUSA Fair visit where they will be able to talk with the representatives of American higher education institutions.


  1. November 2015 – March 2016: Virtual advising

Monthly webinars and virtual cohort advising group will be conducted on this platform. All the major information about the application process and graduate studies in the U.S. will be delivered during this part of the program. It is expected that participants attend all the lectures, actively participate in the discussions and timely submit tasks and test responses.

The webinars will be conducted on the following topics (participants will be notified minimum a week in advance about the exact date of the events):

  • Graduate studies in the U.S. (November 2015)

  • College and program choice strategies (December 2015)

  • The application package (January 2016)

  • Personal statement (January 2016)

  • Financial aid (February 2016)


  1. March 2016: Study visit to Vilnius (additional training)

Based on the participation in the virtual cohort advising group and task completion 20 students will be selected to go to Vilnius for an intensive study weekend and TOEFL testing. This is an additional training that will be provided to a selected group of students.


Program participants are expected to:

  • Participate in all 5 webinars

  • Regularly check, its content and announced tasks

  • Complete required tasks before deadlines indicated

  • Take part in discussions

  • Take initiative in asking questions and working on an individual admissions plan

  • Notify program coordinators by email about any changes in program participation

  • Use English as a working language of the course

  • Respect each other opinion

  • Be active


Overview of the sections:

  • Content: study modules and session content; modules reflect the content of the webinar sessions, provide additional information and files for download

  • Webinars: online seminars, will be scheduled and conducted in this section

  • Tasks: tasks scheduled, announced here; participants need to submit responses either in the task window or by attaching a file with the response

  • Discussions: open for all participants to discuss content of the course and study sections, as well as ask general questions and share useful information and resources

  • Participants: list of the course participants

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