Grade 6 Social Studies - Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, Past and Present


Robert Stadnisky

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Sabby Kokoszka
Robert and Zackary are truly inspirational in the way they approach teaching and motivating their students. As soon as they opened their mouths, I knew I was in for a wild ride. A ride that took me through the ups, downs, curves, upside down twists of a fast paced roller coaster. Consider the Leviathan from Wonderland and now consider the Leviathan as a teacher. That's Zack. Now consider the Behemoth. Picture that Behemoth from Wonderland. Now picture the Behemoth as a teacher. That's Robert. Put these two together? You have a Behethian roller coaster of epic proportions. Well done Robert and Zackary, you two are the Behethian of teaching!


In previous lessons, we covered the following topics:

- Identity

- Metahpors/Similes


This lesson we will be:

- Analyzing the poem 'We are more'

- Looking for similes and metaphors

- Creating a poem

Course content

  • Learning Goals and Success Criteria

  • We Are More

  • Poem

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