Grade 8 Poetry unit - "How do I express myself through poetry?"


Jenny Lee

UBC MET student

I am currently an out-of-the-classroom educator based in Shanghai, China. As an Ontario-trained teacher, I have taught Kindergarten to Grade 8 in Kingston, Ontario. I am also a graduate student in the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program at the University of British Columbia.


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Learning Objectives

By the end of this unit you should be able to:

  • Describe stylistic elements of poetry - syntax, lineation, punctuation, volume, speed, voice, and figurative language - and using feedback from your instructor and peers, you will identify the elements that need improvement
  • Compare and contrast different forms of poetry
  • Establish a unique voice in your writing, using emotive language to share your feelings, thoughts and experiences, and explain the effect you think your writing will have on your audience
  • Write various types of poetry (narrative, free verse, etc) and build an online Poetry Portfolio to document your writing process, where your instructor and peers will provide you with feedback on your poems 
  • Publish your poetic works on the Discussion Forum as well as on our class Twitter page (#etec565gr8poetry), and provide feedback to your classmates' poetry
  • Participate in an online Poetry Slam by selecting your best work(s) to share
  • Finally, you will be asked to reflect on your writing using the Discussion forum and identify a variety of strategies you used before, during and after writing - explain which ones were most helpful, and suggest future steps you can take to further improve as a writer


Course Schedule

This course is intended to take four weeks.





Course Activities and Assignments



Course Assessments

Summative Assessment
Virtual poetry slam using Adobe Connect (need to confirm how students will have access)



Course Communication with the Instructor

Please post unit-related questions to the Discussion Forum so that everyone can collaborate in answering the questions as well as seeing the answers from the instructor.

For all individual question, please email the instructor at  ______________.


Course content


  • 2  test CONTENT MODULE

  • 3 Mood and Tone  (test)

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