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I've been competing at golf for over 35 years and I've been both a participant and a winner. I definitely know it is more satisfying to win than to lose. I hate to lose! I think all of you would agree. I recently read an interesting fact:

95% of all winning in sports is accomplished by 5% of the participants. 

What makes the 5% different? 

Some people might think a person is just born with talent. No way. I know some great athletes feel fortunate, but I've never heard one say that they were just gifted. Talent is skill, and skill is acquired by training. Skill alone won't make you a winner. You can hit the ball perfect on the range all day long and never sniff an event win. Go visit the driving range of a PGA tour event and try to pick a winner. They all look amazing. They can't miss a shot. I often wonder why some guys, who have the greatest swings, can never win. Winning events is not anything you are born with, we are all born with seeds of greatness in us. The primary thing that separates the winners from the rest of the field is the way they think. 

The winners (5%) are convinced they are going to finish first, or that they will definitely shoot a certain score. They know they will hit a good shot in a pressure situation. The others (95%) 'hope' to finish first, 'dream' of shooting that score, or 'hope' they can hit that pressure shot. 

When any athlete has the mind-set that they expect to perform well, victory is automatically an option. For others, hope is their mind-set. Who would you pick to win a competition? You'd pick the one that expects to win, not the one that hopes. 

I was reading a story about Olympic downhill skier Bode Miller. He was totally convinced that there was no possibility that he could lose the Olympic gold medal. He referred to the gold as "my medal" in interviews. He would say things like "I wonder where they are keeping my medal," and "everyone is after my medal." He had already won the gold in his mind. He was asked why he was so certain he would win. His answer was, "I am more committed to mental training that any of competitors!" Did he win? Of course!

The expectation of winning is from a gut feeling the player has concerning their performance.  They are in harmony with the idea that their expectations and performance are equal. Basically, players who were consciously trying to win while competing rarely won. Champions never TRY to win a competition. In their minds and while playing, they have already won. If you expect to win, you have a better chance to win. 

Scoring is simply a result of great execution, and winning is the result. Thinking about winning can pull your focus off of proper execution in a competition and you'll lose. The ultimate answer is PROCESS. That's executing our plans. We need a plan, something to focus on. That is process. In the pages of this lesson plan you are going to learn some valuable life skills along with ways to improve your golf game. We are going to break down how to develop and execute a plan for success.

Here's the 3 main things you are going to learn master:

1. Anticipation Phase. 
When you are performing at your best what are you thinking about before the shot. We'll build a strategy to commit to every shot.

2. Action Phase. 
What do you think about during a shot. You'll control your thoughts while hitting a shot.

3. Reinforce Phase. 
When you are performing at your best what are you thinking about after the shot? You'll learn to define what to think about after every shot and how to reinforce positive images. This is called an "imprint". 

I'm excited....are you?

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