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Emily Bosco



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Course Description

HSC Area of Study Discovery: Go Back to Where You Came From is a 5 hour course dedicated to the new Area of Study: Discovery. Underpinned by a combination of the BUILD approach to programming, McTighe and Wiggins Understanding by Design and Ritchhart and Perkins’ Visible Thinking (Harvard Project Zero) teachers will be introduced to strategies for designing a high quality unit of work for the prescribed episodes of Go Back to Where You Came From and related material, which will enable them to both foster student engagement with the text(s) and improve their student’s responses in HSC assessments and examinations.

During this course, teachers will:

  • Develop an enhanced understanding of the new Area of Study rubric.
  • Learn strategies for designing high quality units of work.
  • Learn strategies for ‘Making Thinking Visible’ in the classroom, so as to foster student engagement and enrich the learning experience.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, teachers will be able to:

  • Design an Area of Study: Discovery program using the principles of BUILD.
  • Use a variety of Making Thinking Visible Routines with their students.
  • Teach their students how to deconstruct the prescribed episodes of Go Back to Where You Came From.

Course Tasks

To successfully complete this course, participants are required to complete and submit 4 tasks:

  1. Engaging Students Using Visible Thinking Routines 
  2. Designing a Program using the principles of BUILD
  3. Related Material Analysis
  4. Course Evaluation

How to Complete this Course

You can progress through each of the modules at your own pace, provided you complete the assessment tasks by their due date and complete the course by the set completion date. 

The set completion date is Friday 21st November, 2014. 

It is recommended that you progress through each module in order, completing the assessment tasks at the suggested times.

Discussion Forums

There are two discussion forums for this course:

  1. General Forum - this forum is for discussing any aspects of the course.
  2. Resource Sharing - this forum encourages the sharing of ideas and classroom activities related to teaching Go Back to Where You Came From. 

As collaboration is key to our craft, course participants are encouraged to contribute to these forums! 

Certificate of Completion

Once you have successfully completed all the required tasks for this course, you will be issued with a 'Certificate of Completion'.

Course content

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