Elizabeth Murphy

Elementary-School Teacher


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Many school districts are now moving away from their old, district-maintained email programs and storage solutions and adopting programs such as the one that is the focus of this training, Microsoft Office 365. These programs are accessible from any device with an internet connection and bring together a number of useful functions including email, document storage and sharing, and calendars. 365, one of the biggest players in this new, all-inclusive field, is an incredibly powerful and useful application—once you know how to use it. That’s where this training program comes in. It has been designed by a teacher with teachers in mind, meaning it strives to keep technical talk to a minimum and focuses on the parts of 365 that an educator is most likely to use on a daily basis and the ways in which s/he is likely to use them. I welcome any and all feedback—questions, comments, suggestions—so please feel free to email me at any time at

Course content

  • Getting Started

  • Introduction to Microsoft Office 365

  • Introduction to Options

  • Introduction to Outlook, Part 1

  • Introduction to Outlook, Part 2

  • Introduction to Outlook, Part 3

  • Introduction to Outlook, Part 4

  • Introduction to Outlook, Part 5

  • Introduction to Outlook, Part 6

  • Introduction to Outlook, Part 7

  • Introduction to Calendar, Part 1

  • Introduction to Calendar, Part 2

  • Introduction to OneDrive

  • Introduction to People, Part 1

  • Introduction to People, Part 2

  • Introduction to People, Part 3

  • Introduction to Tasks

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