Claudia Torres

Student Counsellor

Claudia is a Mexican citizen living in Mikkeli, Finland since 2006. She has experience in the Educational Field from Mexico and a strong interest in multicultural activities. Studied Psychologist in the Universidad de Monterrey at Monterrey, Mexico. She knows by hearth what are the challenges and process that a person experiences when she or he changes environment and culture, so her role at Mamk is to help an international student to find his/ hers own place in Mikkeli and in the Finnish society. Claudia enjoy swimming in the lake, makes long walks in the Finnish forest and likes very much to practice "avanto" (ice-swimming). Always has been interested in knowing people from different parts of the world. Likes very much the taste of Mexican food. :)

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Mikako Hata
Mikako Hata
Ahmed Ibrahim
First of all, would like to thank our lecture Torres Claudia with her help and guidance we made it to complete the course.

its really such an interesting materials that i have been through all the 2 months and gave me more and more informations to learn about finland's life, culture, hobbies that i already shared with my friends here in Mikkeli.


Sofia Moreno-Manzanaro Gutierrez



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Dear Participant,

I am very glad that you are taking the online course Get the Experience of Finland.

My name is Claudia Torres  and It is a pleasure to be your mentor, together we will explore this fascinating country, and discover Finland and the finnish culture.

Receive warm regards from Mikkeli, Finland

Now its time to start this journey!  

Sincerely, Claudia

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Welcome to the Course!




  ​​​​Get the Experience of Finland, 3 cr

Extent in credits: 3 ECTS credits (1 cr = 27 hours of student's work)

University: Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Open UAS, Business Department
Credited in degree: Degree Programme in Business Management, BBA
Competence according to curriculum: Optional studies

Place: Online studies in English.
Time: 24.10.-31.12.2016
Enrolment by: 19.10.2016
Fee: free

Target group: All that are interested in this theme. However:
If you are a degree student in Mamk, please contact student affairs office in order to enroll this course.

Prior know-how and skills: None.

Size of the group: 30

Lecturer: Mrs Claudia Torres-Seppänen

Learning outcomes: Participants will familiarize themselves with the Finnish culture. This online course is a good first introduction on how is the Finnish way of life. Get familiar with some traditions, values, habits and festivals in Finland. For example: how to enjoy a Finnish sauna? Why some Finns like to swim in a frozen lake at minus 15 Celsius in the winter? Why to take your shoes off when visit a Finnish home? The four seasons? How Finns live in Finland - how weather and nature influence their habitants? Find out what the “Finnish sisu” is all about? Punctuality, honesty and recycling culture are good habits to learn.

Get the experience of Finland invites you to explore the greatness of this country:

  • Finland in a nutshell
  • Finns and their Finnish way of life
  • Finnish habits
  • Finnish natural enviroment
  • The four seasons
  • Customs and festivals

This on-line course also provides you with the basic information for studying in Finland and an introduction of the Finnish Education System. You are welcome to study with us at Mikkeli University of Applies Sciences.

 Schedules and assignments: 

Studies are conducted in English language.

The Course is divided in 2 main parts:

  1. Part#1: Finnish Culture (2cr)
  2. Part #2: Finnish Education System (1cr).

It Is possible to take the whole course or only part of it and get: 1cr from the Part#2,  2cr from the Part#1 or the maximum number of credits 3cr, taking the whole course (part#1 +part#2).

In the Part#1 Finnish Culture: 4 assignments (Task 01 - 04) are given in the format of multiple-choice questions. In order to pass the assignment 90 % of the questions must be answered correctly.  For this reason DO NOT SUBMIT YOURTASK until you have got 90% of your answers correct.  You need to complete the 4 assignments (Task 01- 04) in order to get the 2 cr. of the Part #1.

In the Part#2 Finnish Education System: 2 assignments are given as a written tasks (Task 05-06). Please see the instructions of each task.You need to complete the two written assignments in order to get the 1 cr of the Parrt #2

Each student is responsible for creating a schedule for him/herself for the completion of the course. 

Completing the course is evaluated with the grades Passed or Failed.

Certificate of these studies will be delivered 
 - in paper form for those who have their home address in Finland
 - by email in PDF form for those who have their home address in some other country.

This course is based on the curricula of Mamk's degree programmes and the Finnish credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

Additional information about the enrolment: The office of the Open University of Applied Sciences, tel. +358 40 826 6050, email:

You will receive an email confirming that the course starts. If you cannot participate in the course and you have already enrolled on, please let us know as soon as possible.

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