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Samuel Kuria is currently the senior instructor and Programmes Manager at The Institute of Teachers Professional Development (ITPD). Kuria’s tough assertion on change of teacher’s mindset to bring about the necessary student academic achievement and school improvement strategies, including professional development, has made him an appreciated phenomenon in teacher development. Mr. Kuria also teaches Child Rights and Protection and Educational Administration and Management at Africa Nazarene University. More about Kuria visit his website


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Introduction to the module

This unit examines the nature and scope of psychology as a foundation for understanding human development. Learning theories relevant to ECDE and their contributions on how children learn are discussed. In addition, key concepts in psychology such as intelligence, memory, motivation, concept formation, sensation, perception, attitudes, emotions and factors influencing learning have also been highlighted.

Objectives of this module

By the end of this unit you will be able to:

  1. Define the terms used in general psychology

  2. Describe the nature and scope of general psychology

  3. Discuss learning theories relevant to ECDE

  4. Discuss factors influencing learning

  5. Evaluate how teachers can apply the information on learning


Course Expectations: Students are expected to read all the material posted, participate on online discussions, and successfully take every test at the end of the chapter/topic/course.

This is a self-paced course, and therefore students have the opportunity and responsibility to work independently to complete all the lessons of this course. This course is set up as a 11-chapters. Students are expected to complete every chapter and read all the provided material in order to successfully complete the class.

At the end of each chapter, there is a TEST which must be submitted. They are meant to ensure that the learner takes a moment to reflect on what has been learnt

Academic Integrity: Plagiarism and cheating are considered to be unacceptable behaviors and will not be tolerated by the Lecturer/Instructor. 

Grading Criteria: There is a TASK at the end of each chapter. Please note that students must get 80% questions correct in order to get credit for the course.  Students can take the QUIZ 3 times before submitting for grading/marking.

Course content

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