Gender and Technology - An introduction to gender and technology for gender initiatives in India


Chinmayi S K


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This course is an effort to talk about and understand gender based violence in India and provide understanding of how to create interventions to solve gender issues with technology. 

There will be links to podcasts and readings, live webinars, and the chance to get into discussions and share your ideas and work with the community.

We will cover topics around the meaning of Gender Based Violence, Gender Equality, and whether or how technology might help. We will also have a unit on humanitarian open source technology development in which we'll discuss what Open Source is, why it is important for projects like this, how you can make a living with true open source technology. 

Over the next month and a half, we’ll have reading material, audio recordings, and webinars about issues relating to Gender and Sexuality, Defining Gender Based Violence, and Best Practices in Gender Based Violence Prevention and also an understanding of the culture and issues of East and North East India . We’ll also have a unit in which we talk just about Open Source Technology, what it is, why it’s important, and how to build a healthy and sustainable community around an humanitarian  technology project.

Along the way, we’re going to ask you to think about some things that you may not have considered about yourself in the past. We won’t be asking you to share those things with the group -- though you are welcome to if you like -- but we do ask that you take the time to go through those worksheets and perhaps even write your answers down in a personal journal. This process is intended to help you become more aware of your own assumptions about gender expectations and also to imagine what it’s like for other people to live with the societal expectations that surround us all.

We'll talk about the importance of community and collaboration for social causes like preventing Gender Based Violence and also for developing technology, but more important, we hope to build a community that will last well beyond this course . Please DO NOT be afraid to share your ideas, your designs or your code, and please DO give constructive feedback.

We would also encourage you to use this course as an opportunity  to open up discussions around gender, gender equality, to speak about prejudice brought in by cultural practices or simply to connect with your peers on relevant issues or to do technology discussions.

The discussions done on this forum will be purely for the forum members and will not be archived to protect your personal opinions.


Course content

  • Instructors

  • Copyright Notice

  • Code of Conduct

  • Understanding power, discrimination, privilege, and masculinity

  • Deconstructing Gender

  • Gender and society

  • Women in Public spaces and co-relation to GBV

  • Gender Based Violence and its context in India

  • Existing technology initiatives from the around globe and India against GBV

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