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Measurements and Data Analysis

Measurements and data analysis are important areas of math that we use every day.  We use measurements when we make things.  Sometimes we measure items such as gallons of paint or cups of chocolate chips.  At other times we measure length or space, such as the perimeter or area of a floor, wall, or garden or the volume of a container.  Data analysis is becoming an increasingly important activity in our lives.  The increasing use of computers has accelerated the collection, display, and analysis of data, especially information in numerical form.  Most often, we see such data presented in the forms of tables, charts, and graphs.

Questions related to measurement and data analysis will account for more than 25% of the GED mathematical test.  Additionally, you will find that you can use many of the skills in this unit in your personal life and on the job.


In the previous in lesson, you learned about fractions, ratios, decimals, and percents.  In this lesson you will learn about the measurement systems, the customary U.S. System, how to convert measurements, operations with the measurements, measuring common figures, area of squares and rectangles, and volume.


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