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We offer small classes for ages 6 – 18 teaching Mathematics, English and Science. Whether your child needs an extra boost in their subjects or is already excelling in school and requires further teaching – our classes can help. We encourage parents and families to be involved in the school so learning can be embedded at home as well. In addition, our workshops for students, friends and parents aim to give all the tools to encourage students to excel in learning.


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Here you will find additional tasks and activities to raise your English grade. 

Please make sure you make use of these resources and the tips below. 



How you can revise

In preparing for your English exams there are a lot of things that you can do to help you achieve all that you are capable of.


  1. Review your class notes.  Everything that you do in your English lessons will be preparing you for your GCSE English exam.  Review your class notes carefully, making sure that you understand everything that you have covered.  If you aren’t sure about something ask your teacher as soon as possible.
  2. Practise answering exam questions in timed conditions.  Timed essay practice is very important.  There are lots of past exam questions and exam style questions in this booklet.  Simply pick one, check how long you should spend on it and set your timer.  If you do one or two a week you’ll make a big difference.  Bring any work you do into school and your English teacher will mark it for you.
  3. Revise your poetry.  Make sure you know your different cultures poetry well.  Re-read the poems frequently and think carefully about your response to them.  Try to make links between the poems, looking for similarities and differences in the ways that they handle their subject matter.
  4. Make sure you understand key terms.  You will have learnt lots of terminology during your lessons.  Make sure you understand all of your key terms.  You should be able to identify techniques that a writer employs and discuss the effects that these have on the reader.
  5. The internet has some good revision sites.  Try BBC GCSE Bitesize to start with.

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