Cris Turple

Cris is a classroom teacher, technology coach and creative thinker. Currently, she works as the ICT Educational Specialist at an international school where she provides professional development and leads initiatives for the effective use of technology to enhance learning environments. She is obsessed with learning more about how to engage and motivate learners.


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What motivates people to persevere through difficult tasks they otherwise would not want to do? It’s a question the gaming world seems to have conquered and a concept which has recently gained traction in education. Serious games have a lot to teach educators about providing students with a sense of agency and the freedom to fail, behaviour modification practices, and unfolding learning in an immersive storyline supported by a social community.

Though gamified learning is not simply playing video games in the classroom - it is applying game-design thinking and game mechanics on a large scale to engage users in solving problems and increase their self contributions. Learn how to use the power of games to empower your students. This course is appropriate for all K-12 teachers, postsecondary educators, technology coaches, and those in related fields.


Learning Objectives

To emerge victorious, participants of this course will:

  1. Distinguish between gamification, game-based learning, and game simulations

  2. Investigate the principles of gamification and game mechanics

  3. Understand how elements could be applied to educational settings

  4. Explore authentic gamified learning projects

  5. Apply gamification principles to a unit of study

  6. Experience first-hand a gamified course about gamification


Course content

  • Course Breakdown

  • Introduction

  • LEVEL 1: What is Gamification?

  • LEVEL 2: Game Elements

  • LEVEL 3: Classroom Application

  • LEVEL 4: Tools and Tech

  • MISSION: Redesign a Unit

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