From Chaos to Peace In Just 4 Weeks


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Let's face it life is hectic.  Especially as a parent.  There are a ton of responsibilities, activities, personalities, wants and demands all coming at you at once.  But there is a way to turn that frenzy into harmony.  In 4 weeks we will provide you with key information and walk you through simple exercises that will allow you to make sustainable change in your family life. Stop feeling pulled in a million directions and start feeling calm and confident in the choices you make for you and your family.

In week 1 you will: Determine your family's core values which will provide you with a road map to make decisions from for yourself and your kids.

In week 2 you will: Learn how to put yourself in a place of calm. Discover simple tricks on responding to kids when they feel chaotic. (You will also learn the secret to parenting with confidence and ease, it is so counter-intuitive it will surprise and delight you)!

In week 3 you will: Be empowered to set boundaries that feel right to you. Learn to prioritize values in order to set a real life schedule that feels freeing to the family. The feeling match trick that I wish I knew when my son was a toddler.

In week 4 you will: Take away easy to implement communication tips to improve the household harmony. Uncover a way to be heard that doesn't include yelling. How a 10 minute change can impact the following 168 hours of family life.


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  • Dropping the mommy guilt

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