Foundations of Cyber Security


Ingrid Pappel

Dr Ingrid Pappel (PhD), lecturer, has over 15 years of experience and has been active in different development projects related to e-governance solutions. Besides working as a project manager in several state projects it has been her privilege to lecture in many universities and colleges in Estonia since 2007. One of her biggest achievements in recent years and a crucial component for e-governance education has been the establishment of international Master’s programme e-Governance Technologies and Services ( within Tallinn University of Technology in cooperation with field experts and public sector facilities.This programme should enable to aggregate best-practice academic knowledge as well as the needs of the public sector and the experience of the private sector in the field of e-governance solutions. She is also an active entrepreneur - the partner, head of the records management department and the chief designer at Interinx ltd ( since 1996.


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Welcome to the course "Foundations of Cyber Security"!

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This course consists of 6 chapters: 

  1. Introduction to Cyberspace
  2. Risk
  3. Law and Law Enforcement
  4. Cyber Conflict
  5. Cryptography
  6. Cyber Hygiene

Each chapter has some videos, links to some reading materials, and a quiz to check if you have understood the main concepts. 

There are two types of reading materials:

  • Reading material - this is compulsory to read.
  • Additional reading - this is for people more interested in the topic and is not necessary in order to complete this course. 

NB! Some links for scientific articles require you to access them through the TUT university network. This is possible using the open WiFi around the campus or the VPN connection at


For those who feel that the speaking speed in videos is unbearably slow - there's the convenient setting (accessible from the lower right corner of the video) that enables you to increase the speed. That's a handy opportunity you can't have in the real classroom - to configure the lecturer ;) 



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