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This session is designed to help you reflect on future learning and development choices. 

We all have creativity within us, and the ability to help others Grow Through Change. 

  • Paradoxically, to help others, we have to  pay attention to ourselves as well.   The reason for this is we do not know what we do not know. 
  • To discover more, we need to reflect on our own experiences and through reflection, we can become more aware about why we do what we do, & feel what we feel & think what we think.

To develop the ability to Reflect-on-Action, Reflect-in-Action & Reflect-for-Action is one of the fastest ways of learning from our own experiences to enhance what we bring to both our Personal & Professional Lives.

The following course shares some high level ideas.  Our role is to act as curator, bringing to you what we have found to be most helpful.  Where we can we draw on material that is in the public domain and bring that to you within this course.  If we find premium material that we think is worth exploring, we will include the links to this material also.  You will not need to explore this unless you want to dig deeper into a particular subject area.








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