Formula Force

We are Formula Force, and we are competing in the F1 in Schools Challenge. On April 17th, we became Scotland Regional Champions and awarded a place in the national finals. We also won Fastest Car, Best Engineered Car and Best Research and Development awards. We consist of 6 highly committed and hard working team members from Knox Academy, East Lothian. The team was brought together to enter and attempt to win an internationally recognised competition: F1 in Schools. We will be competing at Silverstone in the national finals in April. We then hope to represent the UK at the world finals, which is being held in Austin, Texas.


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1 x 10 Page Design & Engineering Portfolio

1 x 10 Page Enterprise Portfolio

1 x 4 Page Marketing & Social Media Plan

1 x Primary Race Car

1 x Back-up Race Car

Pit Display (Uniform, posters, business cards, leaflet ect)

Launch Energy Recovery System (Optional)

Testing Facilities


This week:

  1. Joe, Findlay and Connor are going into Haddington for new sponsorship agreements. Joe will finalise these and begin a basic budget plan in the near future.
  2. Andrew will beginning manufacturing stand - cutting... 
  3. Cammy and Iona are finalising concepts for the design of the new car.


This week 28/9/2016:

  1. Iona and I are planning on ordering the start gate (£200 roughly) on Monday. Of course this will need to be confirmed with Ms Leggat.
  2. Also on Monday it has been arranged that I will speak to Mr. Murdoch about a hologram for the stand... !!! You're obviously welcome to come and speak to him also.
  3. Andrew has agreed that by next week (Wednesday) he will have drafted up a detailed copy of the stand. The design will also entail the presence of a hologram if the conversation on Monday with Mr Murdoch is pointing in that direction.
  4. The new set of regulations are to be posted next week

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