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Forging is an art of creating, renewing, and fixing. It's something that is beyond wonders, as you never know what you can create, with simply a few nails, your hands, and a hunk of metal. Forging is really not that hard. I may be a child of Iris but I learned quickly enough, and so will you. Here in forging we will learn about metals, tools, techniques, and how to actually create something. Here is our schedule for the year:

Lesson 1: The necessities (Tools)

Lesson 2: Out of what? (Materials)

Lesson 3: Better watch out (Safety)

Lesson 4: A bit of an insight (Techniques)

Lesson 5: Midterm Review

Lesson 6: Working it (Exercises)

Lesson 7: Cutting & Crafting (Our first project)

Lesson 8: It came with a spark (Our second project)

Lesson 9: Final Review

This year is more focused on the actual idea of forging, but nevertheless we will do many projects throughout our years together. There will be homework, but that is to be expected from every class. Often times you will have an essay, and few times a quiz.

Course content

  • The Necessities (Tools)

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