Fit Vitality New Coach Academy Phase 2


Stephanie Coulter


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Welcome to Phase 2 of the Fit Vitality Academy!!

Congratulations and HOW amazing is it that you are still pushing on and trying to grow your BIZ! --Just know I am inspired by YOU!

No matter where you are RIGHT now in your business, This ongoing part I feel, is still for you and can help you! I am a firm believer you can NEVER have enough knowledge when it comes to knowing all about how to be successful ;) 


We will still be using the monthly FVA Group on Facebook for any questions, concerns, tips and anything else you want to share and talk about :) I am SO excited!! xo


Again, I highly recommend copying this info into your evernote app so you will always have this as a guide to pass down for YOUR future leaders <3

Course content

  • Ice Breaker

  • Confidence

  • Inviting to Challenge Groups

  • Social Media Posts

  • Price Objections

  • Comfort Zones

  • Commitment Objections

  • Consistency

  • Ask for a Decision!

  • Power of 3

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