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This course is a personal journey into Feminism. During this course participants will examine the impact that Feminism has had and continues to have in their lives today. We will focus on four essential questions and use various forms of content to help in this exploration. 

Each essential question will be a separate module and participants can move through the modules as they wish. While it is not required to move through the modules sequentially or to finish one before beginning another, it is strongly recommended that participants do this as each question tends to build on earlier ones.

There are no assessments in this course. Participants are merely asked to complete the activities and share their thoughts, feelings, and products. If one wishes to receive a certificate of completion, then the tasks must be completed prior to the issuance of the certificate.

The four essential questions are as follows:

1. Where has our Feminine power come from and how do we share our feminist narrative with others?

2. What were some of the vehicles that brought us to Feminism?

3. What does Feminism mean for Goddess women?

4. What does the future of Feminism look like and what actions can we take to promote empowerment of women?

**Please note that for this class to be evaluated, all essential questions are not addressed.

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