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Michyl Culos

Head of Marketing Communications

Michyl is the Head of Marketing Communications at Mailjet, Europe’s leading Email Service Provider. In 10 years, Michyl’s seen Marketing from all sides of the spectrum; kickstarting her career at L’Oréal, launching her own tech startup, and finally expanding into B2B SaaS at Mailjet. Now managing teams across Europe and North America, Michyl talks and writes about branding, event marketing and unconventional marketing tactics.

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Welcome to Mailjet Flight Academy, an Email Marketing fundamentals course. Through 4 simple modules we look to provide you with a fundamental understanding of email marketing, starting with history of email straight through to email design best practices. The course is made of the following modules:

  1. Email Marketing Fundamentals - How does email work and essential terminologies.
  2. Create an Organic Contact List - Why you should grow an organic contact list and how.
  3. Email Design Best Practices - Tools, tips and techniques to create eye catching, responsive email campaigns.
  4. Email Marketing Strategy - Where email marketing fit in the overall marketing strategy. 

After completing each module, you are required to take the subsequent quiz. The multiple choice quiz will test your knowledge on each subject, and by completing all 4 modules and their quiz with a score of 80% and above, you will have the opportunity to join Mailjet's Navigator community and receive the following benefits:


Once you've successfully finished the course with a score of 80% and above, be sure to read the final notes and instructions on how to apply and join Mailjet's Navigator community.

Course content

  • Module 1 - Email Marketing Fundamentals

  • Module 2 - Create an Organic Contact List

  • Module 3 - Email Design Best Practices

  • Module 4 - Email Marketing Strategy

  • **PLEASE READ** Final Notes & Navigator Community Registration

  • Additional Content: Mailjet Flight Safety Video

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