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Reviews (8)

Andrew Camfield
simple easy to learn at your own pace and focused on Action
Martene Coe
Abu Kendall
I have been looking around for training courses but could not find one that actually trains me. When I went through this course I was happy because it had everything I needed. All the other courses just say what the GDPR is and does not really train you in what you need to do.
Tana Jackson
Great course! Really helpful.


Learning objectives 

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to give control of personal data back to individuals by addressing modern concerns about data protection in the digital age.

The way we use data has changed significantly over the last 20 years, specifically in relation to how personal data is acquired and dealt with.

Whilst cyber-attacks resulting in data breaches dominate the headlines the truth is that the majority of data breaches occur due to human error:

  • A dropped memory stick
  • Sending something to the wrong e-mail address
  • Adding data to the wrong Dropbox folder
  • Not following a policy on encrypting data
  • Not taking care of paper files while out of the office

In the digital age in which we live, the associated reputational damage arising from a data breach can be fatal to any business.


Target audience

This course provides a practical application of the GDPR. On completion you will understand the purpose of the GDPR and the best practice processes and procedures that are required to be followed when handling personal data.


Course structure

Everyone needs to understand the care they need to take when handling personal data whether it be in the workplace or in their personal lives. 

  • The course contains 8 Units covering:
    • An overview of the GDPR
    • Information and Cyber security
    • Data access, handling and records management
    • The risks of mobile working 
    • Employee responsibilities under the GDPR
    • Incident management and disaster recovery
  • 8 Assessments
  • Certificate of completion.



Chapter Three Consulting have obtained permission to use the YouTube videos that have been inserted as Training Resources throughout this course. Some of these videos have been made by companies who are promoting their products and services and while we have found the content of the videos to be useful as visual training aids Chapter Three Consulting are not endorsing or recommending these products in any way.



Please refer to the Glossary included in the main menu for help with any terminology that is unfamiliar to you. 



A short quiz has been inserted at the end of each unit to prompt learners to think about  the responsibilities they have to keeping the data they handle safe.


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Course content

  • Unit 1 - What is Data Protection & What is the GDPR?

  • Unit 2 - Information Security & Cyber Security

  • Unit 3 - Fair Processing & Consent

  • Unit 4 - Data Access Control, Classification & Handling

  • Unit 5 - Data Quality & Records Management

  • Unit 6 - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & Home and Mobile Working

  • Unit 7 - End User Acceptable Use

  • Unit 8 - Incident Management, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

  • Glossary

  • Further Reading

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