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Yes, it may seem crazy, and quite abnormal, but some people haven't read the fandoms PJ, HP, Divergent, THG, or LOTR. They may have read one or 2 of the them but not others, so this is why I am here to explain all the fandoms in detail.


Lesson 1-PJ

Lesson 2-HP

Lesson 3-Divergent

Lesson 4-LOTR

Lesson 5-THG

Lesson 6-Your choice


The only bit of homework we have is lesson 6. In lesson 6 there is an essay and a quiz you have to do, but other than that no homework. This is an optional course, but I d believe that you will learn a lot out of it even if you have already read the fandom. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at



Course content

  • The PJ Fandom

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