Family and Consumer Science - Home Economics


Ms. Meredith


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Welcome to Family and Consumer Science! This class (formally known as Home Economics) will teach and prepare you for the adult world. This includes learning how to cook, clean, and pay important bills. Anyone can argue that you don't need school when you get into adulthood, but everyone can agree that Home Economics is needed almost everyday. This course  will teach you life's essential tricks and tips with videos, book lessons, and worksheets. I hope you enjoy this course!


My teaching method: if you have to ask how many sentences it should be, you're not doing it right. This means you write as much as you think is appropriate and it covers who, what, when, where, how, and why. This isn't elementary school; sentences don't define how well something is explained.


*This course can be taken strictly online or accompanied by in-classroom instruction.

Course content

  • First Unit: House Maintenance

  • Unit 1 - How to clean/maintain a bathroom

  • Unit 1 - How to clean/maintain a bedroom

  • Unit 1 - How to clean/maintain a kitchen

  • Unit 1 - How to maintain a yard

  • Unit 1 - How to solve basic problems at home

  • Unit 1 - Laundry + How to clean/maintain a laundry room

  • Second Unit - Hotels

  • Unit 2 - Picking the right hotel

  • Unit 2 - How to carry on life at a hotel

  • Unit 2 - Packing for a hotel

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