Faith: "The Key that unlocks your potential"


The Sanctuary Church

Bible Enrichment Class

We desire to be a bible based ministry that seeks after the heart of God, and ministers in the Spirit of Excellence. Hebrews 8:6 We are committed to rendering reverent praise and worship as we minister to the total man; Spirit, Soul and Body. As we continue to diligently strive to transform the outlook of every area involving Gods people. We are committed in providing comprehensive life changing preaching, teaching and community outreach. Above all else we desire to maintain positive attitudes and offer words of encouragement. For it is our duty as believers to impact the lives of all people in a "More Excellent Way!"


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Hello Class, This course is designed to unlock your faith potential! God has given us all a measure of faith, but as Christians we are obligated to build upon our faith daily. This class will challenge you to unleash your faith and embrace your God given potential. God desires that we elevate our faith because faith is the key that unlocks the door to your destiny!

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